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DAZA Optiscan

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Put you best foot forward with the new OptiScan system from Daza.

OptiScan has been helping to reduce the number of patient falls for many years. The OptiScan device has been specifically designed to detect when a patient attempts to get out of bed - before their feet have touched the floor!

The device is placed on the floor and monitors the bed from an angle of 90 degrees at a distance of approximately 6 meters. It is therefore able to monitor several beds at once, if required. The OptiScan device can be used in domestic and care home environments both large and small. It can also be connected to the majority of nurse call systems or to a DAZA pager system if there is no nurse call system in place. OptiScan's wireless technology enables fast and easy usage. 

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Product Description


DAZA specialises in advanced technology that assists in bed fall prevention and management. The DAZA OptiScan was the result of extensive field testing and analysis and has resulted in a robust, reliable and safe means of detecting patient movement prior to disembarking from bed. With over 35,000 DAZA units in active service the OptiScan has prevented injury, maintained patient well-being and saved families, care homes and health authorities across Europe millions in costs.


Years of monitoring and feedback from nurses have identified the following main benefits:

  • Insight into the nightly behaviour of the patient.
  • Correction helps to improve the patient's day and night rythym.
  • Correction helps to prevent undesirable behaviour in the room.
  • A huge reduction in the number of patient falls.
  • Alternative to fixation.
  • Reduced workload.
  • Monitoring of (sleep) medication.
  • More privacy.

If you would like to find out more about the DAZA OptiScan device and service we provide, please enquire now or contact John Connell on 087 757 5000 or 065 689 0011 and we can provide you with more information and conduct a site survey to see what is the best product to suit you and your needs

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