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Invacare Fox Foldable Power Chair

Description :

The new Invacare Fox is packed with innovations to make life more manageable for everyday power wheelchair users.

Thanks to its modular, lightweight and compact design it offers excellent manoeuvrability indoors, with adjustable seating for different client needs, while its pendulum axis and optimized battery position ensure excellent traction outdoors. 

Simple set-up

The Invacare Fox is easy to set-up and adapt to each user's specific needs. It can be changed from a short to an extended wheelbase to counteract any client’s stability limitations and individuals' optimised settings can be stored and retrieved. 

Easy dismantling and folding

Another benefit of the Invacare Fox is that it can be dismantled and folded quickly and easily if required. The seat and batteries can be removed and the base folded without the need for any tools, saving space when not in use. Once folded it will fit into the boot of most cars for easy transportation. 

More than an every day ‘commuter’

The Invacare Fox has been designed to maximise independence for users' everyday lives.

As well as meeting their practical needs, the Fox is also very comfortable and safe. 

Thanks to its efficient motors it is ideal for those wanting to travel a few kilometres extra every day, as well as clients looking for a compact wheelchair. 

Available in a variety of colour and style options. 

Further information detailed below.


Special Order Product - Price on request. 

Brochure also available.

For more information on the Invacare Fox and our Power Chair range, please contact the Carestore on 065 689 0011.

Product Description


Features and Options:

Kerb Climber:  an attachment for the kerb climber is built-in, so it can be retrofitted with very little effort. 

Castor Locks:  the castor locks ease folding and are useful for clients who have difficulties reversing down ramps. 

Headrest:  rear neck and headrests are available as optional extras.

Oxygen Bottle Holder:  Fits common bottle sizes.

Folding mechanism

More links than a traditional crossbar for better stress distribution and reduced wear. 

4-point tie downs

The design's attention to detail includes built-in, crash tested tie-downs. 

Aluminium rear wheels

A choice of stylish aluminium rear wheels is available with matching silver rim castors. 

Battery pack

A unique, easy removable and stylish battery pack accepts different battery sizes. 

Fold-down back

Thanks to its memory function the Fox is ready to go, immediately, when unfolded. 

5-way adjustable seat

The Invacare Fox features a 5-way adjustable seat for maximum flexibility. The seat height, angle, width, depth and backrest angle can all be adapted to suit a wide range of clients. 


Storage and handling

The seat can be disconnected by a quick release lever at the front and locks into place when swivelled back. The entire unit can be manually tipped when folded and manoeuvred like a trolley making it easy to store or convenient to deliver. 


Short and extended wheelbase settings

The modular design caters for flexible handling and installation. The short wheelbase can easily be set to an extended version without any additional parts. 



Detailed technical descriptions and individual configuration options are featured on our prescription order form which is available upon request. 


Please contact the Carestore on 065 689 0011 for more information and guidance on our active wheelchair range.


Additional Information

Additional Information

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