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iTouch Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Description :

The iTouch Sure exercises and tones the pelvic floor muscle providing relief from stress, urged and mixed incontinence as well as improving sexual wellbeing.


Pelvic floor exercisers are one of the most effective forms of continence management and provide a safe, drug-free, non-surgical solution for incontinence sufferers.


Along with pelvic floor exercises, the iTouch Sure gently strengthens and tones your pelvic floor muscle which in-turn improves the symptoms of bladder weakness.


Treatment sessions last for just 20 minutes a day and can be easily scheduled into your daily routine - whether it's whilst watching TV, reading in bed or just having some time to relax. Suggested treatment time is for a period of 12 weeks, however many see significant results in as little as 3-4 weeks.

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Product Description


The iTouch Sure provides relief from 3 forms of incontinence:

Stress Incontinence

describes the involuntary leakage of urine when a person coughs, sneezes, strains or makes sudden movements. It is particularly common in women and occurs when the bladder neck and the other mechanisms that act to hold urine in the bladder are not working properly.


Urge Incontinence

describes an overactive bladder. A person may experience a strong and sudden urge to go to the toilet but are not always able to hold on, or have to go so frequently that it becomes inconvenient.


Mixed Incontinence 

is a combination of both Stress and Urge Incontinence.



Key Features of the Sports TENS 2 

  • One Touch Memory – 
    remembers the last program, strength and setting use
  • LED Backlit Screen 
    easy-to-use, modern, colour screen for clearer visibility
  • Optional Programmes –
    4 preset programs for optimal choice
  • Comfortable Stimulation –
    gentle, comfortable stimulation with fine-tune adjustment settings for different levels of intensity
  • Safety Duration Override –
    unit will turn off after 20 minutes to ensure the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked. It is possible to alter the time in order to customise the unit to the individual's needs.
  • Discreet Probes –
    comes with a specifically designed vaginal probe for ease of use (optional anal probes are available - please contact us for more details).


Advantages of using the iTouch Sure:

  • It can reduce leakage – not simply contain it. Most women see significant results in as little as 3 weeks.
  • It is drug-free with no side effects.
  • It is safe and easy to use with preset programmes to suit your needs.
  • It is discreet and can be used at home during your own time.
Technical Specifications
 Waveform      Asymmetrical Rectangular   
 Output Plug  Fully shielded: touch proof, mini USB

 50V zero to peak Constant voltage over 470 - 1500 Ohm

 Constant current over 160 - 470 Ohm

 Channels  Single Channel
 Max Pulse Energy  Total output limited to 25uC per pulse
 Channels  Dual Channel
 Batteries/Power  2x AA Alkaline OR 2x AA NiMH
 Battery Life

 At least 15 hours at 50mA 300uS 50Hz


 90g with batteries


 102 x 53 x 30mm


Remember to consult your medical adviser on whether a tens machine is the right treatment for you.

Incontinence can have many causes. You should try to identify the type of incontinence and the cause before using the iTouch Sure.

Do not use if you have any skin irritation or urinary infection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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